DST Advisory Committee Members (2019.12.16-2021.12.15)
ChairmanProf. Roderick Wong, Former Vice-President, City University of Hong Kong
ConvenerProf. Huaxiong Huang, Vice President (Academic), UIC
External MembersMr. Arnald Ho, Chairman, Print-Rite Holdings Ltd
Prof. Jingyu You, President, Guangdong AF Technology Co., Ltd
Ms. Yakun Song, CEO, Fu Yuan Guan Ltd, Jilin

Dr. Jun Yan, Founder and Chairman, Zhuhai Orbita Aerospace Science & Technology Co., Ltd

Prof. Jiongcheng Li, Chief Scientist and President of Academy of Big Data, Guangdong Planning and Designing Institute of Telecommunications

Ms. Li Zhang, Deputy Chief Engineer and Director of Shenzhen Institute, China Design Group Co., Ltd

listed in no particular order