With the rapid development of global economy, industry and cities, human activities bring along many serious environmental issues such as ecological habitat destruction, climate change, pollution of air, water and soil, overexploitation of natural resources, and extinction of species etc., these environmental problems seriously threaten the sustainable development of human and the Earth.  Environmental science allows us to understand the intricate relationship between human and nature.  It is an interdisciplinary subject that requires us to master varieties of knowledge such as sciences (including biology, chemistry, geology, statistics, mathematics, physics etc.), social sciences, and business management.  We are committed to cultivating professionals with an environmental mission.  Our goal is to enable students to fully understand global environmental issues, master the skills of sustainable environmental management as well as the skills and technologies to prevent or reduce environmental impacts.

In recent years, China has introduced policies which are emphasized on green development, for example “Ecological Civilization Construction”, “The Belt and Road Initiative” and “The development of Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macau Greater Bay Area (GBA)”, all of which have addressed the importance of environmental concerns such as green development, circular economy, and low-carbon development.  Therefore, Environmental Science is subject which is globally important and necessary.  The GBA policy clearly states that development should focus on the sustainable development of urban agglomerations, strengthening environmental protection and ecological restoration, and promoting the formation of green and low-carbon mode of production, lifestyle, urban construction and operation.

BNU-HKBU United International College is located in the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone of GBA.  The curriculum of UIC Environmental Science Programme is designed to balance students' professional development in both of environmental management and environmental technology.  Students can choose their own elective courses according to their personal interests, future goals, and employment orientation.  Through four years of systematic study, students will master the basic knowledge and skills of Environmental Science, including critical thinking about the causes of various environmental and ecological problems, environmental prevention and control technologies, ecological protection planning, environmental impact assessment, environmental management, green business management, and developing sustainable development strategies etc.

In the new era, our society has demand on the professionals who are skilled in environmental technology and management, so we dedicate to cultivate undergraduate graduates to be employed in these areas, and to enter well-known state-owned enterprises, foreign companies, government agencies, educational institutions, and laboratories etc.  On the other hand, our graduates can also choose to pursue further studies.  Most graduates can pursue their master's or doctoral degrees from top universities around the world (including Hong Kong China).  In a word, learning Environmental Science is very meaningful, as it can help human society and the planet have better well-being.


Programme Director: Dr. Siu Tai TSIM

Office: T8-401-R11
Telephone: (86)-756-3620613
Email: siutaitsim@uic.edu.cn