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Prof. Weifeng SU
Professor and Programme Director of MA in Communication- AI & Digital Media Concentration, Division of Science and Technology
office: T3-602-R3

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
M. Eng. in Computer Science, Xiamen University
B. Eng. in Computer Science, China Petroleum University

Research Interests

Natural Language Processing
Machine learning
Data mining

Current Teaching

Database Management Systems
Software Development Workshop II

Selected Publications
  • Tianqiang Huang, Xueli Zhang, Wei Huang, Lingpeng Lin, Weifeng Su: A multi-channel approach through fusion of audio for detecting video inter-frame forgery. Computers & Security 77: 412-426 (2018)
  • Yue Zhang, Yiu-ming Cheung, Bo Xu, and Weifeng Su. Detecting Copy Number Variants from NGS with Sparse and Smooth Constraints. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics:14(4) (July-Aug. 2017).
  • Wensheng Wu, Weiyi Meng, Weifeng Su and Guanyou Zhou. Q2P: Discovering Query Templates via Autocompletion. ACM Transaction on Web(TWeb): 10(2) (April 2016).
  • Weifeng Su, Hejun Wu, Yafei Li, Jing Zhao, Fred Lochovsky, Hongmin Cai and Tianqiang Huang. “Understanding Query Interfaces by Statistical Parsing.” ACM Transaction on Web(TWeb). 7(2), 1-22. May 2013
  • Yunqing Xia, Weifeng Su, Raymond Y. K. Lau, Yi Liu. Discovering Latent Commercial Networks from Online Financial News Articles. Enterprise Information Systems. 7(3),303-331. August 2013.
  • Weifeng Su, Jiying Wang, Fred Lochovsky and Yi Liu. “Combining Tag and Value Similarity for Data Extraction and Alignment”.IEEE Transaction on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE). 24(7), 1186-1200. July 2012.
  • Weifeng Su, Jiying Wang and Fred Lochovsky. “Record Matching over Query Results from Multiple Web Databases”.IEEE Transaction on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE). 22(4), 578-589. April 2010.
  • Weifeng Su, Jiying Wang and Fred Lochovsky. “ODE: Ontology-assisted Data Extraction”. ACM Transaction on Database System (TODS). 34(2), 1-35. June 2009.
  • Weifeng Su, Jiying Wang, Qiong Huang and Fred Lochovsky. “Query Result Ranking over E-commerce Web Databases”. The ACM 15th International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM'06), 2006.
  • Weifeng Su, Jiying Wang and Fred Lochovsky. "Holistic Schema Matching for Web Query Interface". The 10th Intl. Conf. on Extending Database Technology (EDBT '06) Munich, Germany, 26-30 March, 2006.(acceptance rate: 16%)
Grants and Projects
  • Guangdong Province Key Construction Major. Principle Investigator, 01/2018--12/2020.
  • Big Data Academic-Industry Innovation Center Preparation, Guangdong Province University Improvement Programme. Principle Investigator,06/2016--05/2018.
  • PLC-based Energy Saving IOT Platform (Grant No. 61073017), Guangdong Province Academic-Industry fund, Principle Investigator, 07/2017 -- 06/2019. RMB 200,000
  • Big data research team. UIC internal grant. 01/2016--12/2018.
  • The key technologies of Deep Web Data Investigation (Grant No. S2013010016852), Guangdong Natural Science Foundation, Principle Investigator, 10/2013--09/2015.
  • Research on Web Personal Information Extraction and Integration(Grant No. R201408), UIC College Research Grant, Principle Investigator, 01/2014--12/2015.
  • Deep Web's large scale and self adaptive data integration techniques(Grant No. 61073017), National Natural Science Foundation of China, Principle Investigator, 01/2011--12/2013.
  • The key technologies of Deep Web Data Investigation(Grant No. S2013010016852), Guangdong Natural Science Foundation, Principle Investigator, 10/2013--09/2015.
Awards and Honors
  • Zhuhai distinguished scholar 2015
  • Third award of Guangdong science & techonology progress
Postgraduate Opportunities

Ph. D and M. Phil are recruited. Please contact me if you are interested in NLP, ML or Database