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Prof. Kaitai FANG
Professor of Statistics, Division of Science and Technology
Director of Institute of Statistics and Computational Intelligence
office: T3-601-R2


Curriculum Vitae


The Department of Mathematics, Peking University, 1957-1963
Post Graduate in Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica, 1963-1967

Research Interests

Multivariate Analysis, Experimental Design, Distribution Theory
Applications of Number-theoretic Methods in Statistics, Data Science

Current Teaching

FYP Supervisor of Year 4 students
Supervisor of M.Phil. student and Ph.D. student

Selected Publications
  • Fang, K.T., Liu, M.Q., Qin, H. and Zhou, Y.D. (2018), Theory and Application of Uniform Experimental Designs, Science Press and Springer.
  • Lin, Y. and Fang, K.T. (2019), The Main Effect Confounding Pattern for Saturated Orthogonal Designs,  Metrika , 82(7), 843-861. 10.1007/s00184-019-00713-w.
  • Elsawah, A.M., Fang, K.T. and Ke, X. (2018), New recommended designs for screening either qualitative or quantitative factors, Statistical paper, https://doi.org/10.1007/s00362-019-01089-9.
  • Fang,K.T., Ke, X. and Elsawah, A.M. (2017), Construction of uniform designs via an adjusted threshold accepting algorithm, J. Complexity, 23, 740-751.
  • Fang, K.T., Zhou, M. and Wang, W.J. (2014), Applications of the representative points in statistical simulations, Science in China,
  • Series A, 57, 2609-2620.
  • Fang, K.T., Li, R. and Sudjianto, A. (2005), Design and Modeling for Computer Experiments, Chapman & Hall/CRC Press, London.
  • Zhang, A.J., Fang, K.T., Li, R. and Sudjianto, A. (2005), Majorization framework balanced lattice designs, The Annals of Statistics, 33, 2837--2853.
  • Fang, K. T. and Mukerjee, R. (2005), Expected lengths of confidence intervals based on empirical discrepancy statistics, Biometrika, 92, 499--503.
  • Fang, K. T., Yin, H. and Liang, Y. Z. (2004), New approach by Kriging methods to problems in QSAR, J. Chemical Information and Modeling, 44, 2106-2113.
  • Fang, K.T. and Mukerjee, R. (2004), Optimal selection of augmented pairs designs for response surface modeling, Technometrics, 46, 147-152.
Grants and Projects

UIC Grants R201712 and R201810

The Zhuhai Premier Discipline Grant

Academic and Social Service
  • Editor-in-Chief for Book Series ``Statistics Textbook Series for the Higher Education'', 2010-2023.
  • Editor-in-Chief for ``Lecture Notes in Probability, Statistics and Data Science'' published by the Higher Education, 2017-2022.
Awards and Honors
  • First prize for scientific and technological progress of the people's liberation army of China, 1992.

   (毁伤效果预测及大威力武器瞄准决策, 中国人民解放军科技进步一等奖, 1992.)

  • 2008 The State Natural Science Award at the Second Level with Wang Yuan.

   (《均匀设计理论、方法及其应用》项目获,2008 国家自然科学二等奖)

  • 2014 ICSA Distinguished Achievement Award, issued by The international Chinese Statistical Association.

  (《国际泛华统计协会》授于方开泰``2014 国际泛华统计协会杰出成就奖'',2014年8月)

  • The book entitled "Design and Modeling of Experiments" written by Kai-Tai Fang, Minqian Liu and Yongdao Zhou received the National Statistical Research Award at the first level in 2013.

  (方开泰,刘民千,周永道\ 出版的书《试验设计与建模》,2013年获得第十一届全国统计科学研究优秀成果一等奖)

  • 2016, 2017 2018 Most Cited Chinese Researchers, announced by Elsevier.

  (入选爱思威尔(Eisevier) 201, 2017, 2018中国高被引学者,共收录1700-1800多名最具世界影响力的中国学者)

  • Awarded the commemorative medallion celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China by the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and the central military commission