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Prof. Huada Daniel RUAN
Professor of Environmental Science
Division of Science and Technology
office: T8-401-R2


Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. (2nd) in Chemistry, Queensland University of Technology
Ph.D. (1st)  in Mineralogy, The University of Western Australia
B.Sc. in Soil Chemistry and Plant Nutrition, South China Agricultural University

Research Interests

Environmental Chemistry, Material Science and Technology, Water and Land Contamination and Remediation, Simulation and Modelling of Environmental Pollution, Fate of Pollutants and Human Health, Healthy City, Environmentally Sustainable Development, Solid Waste Treatment and Application, Climate Change Relating to Environmental and Human Health

Current Teaching

ENV4013 Integrated Solid Waste Management
ENV4033 Land Contamination and Remediation
ENV4053 Water Science and Engineering
ENV3023 Environmental Chemistry and Pollution Control
ENV3063 Introduction to Environmental Geology

Selected Publications
  • Lingcheng Su, Jiajun Chen, Huada Ruan, Dongqi Chen, Xi Chen, and Chiuhong Lee (2020) Characterization of modified mineral waste material adsorbent as affected by thermal treatment for optimizing its adsorption performances. American Mineralogist (in press), DOI: Link
  • Sabrina Yanan Jiang, Nirmal Kumar Gali, Huada Daniel Ruan, Zhi Ning (2020) Photo-oxidation of particle phase iron species dominates the generation of reactive oxygen species in secondary aerosol. Science of the Total Environment 723 (2020) 137994, p1-8
  • L.C. Su, H.D. Ruan, D.J. Ballantine, C.H. Lee, Z.W. Cai (2019c) Release of metal pollutants from corroded and degraded thin-film solar panels extracted by acids and buried in soils. Applied Geochemistry 108 (2019) 104381
  • Muyesaier Tudi, Dung Tri Phung, Huada Daniel RUAN, Lin-sheng Yang, Hai-Jun Guo, Des Connell, Ross Sadler, Cordia Chu (2019) Difference of Trace Element Exposed Routes and their Health Risks between Agriculture and Pastoral areas in Bay County Xinjiang China. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (published online March 9, 2019) link
  • L.C. Su, J.J. Chen, H.D. Ruan, D.J. Ballantine and C.H. Lee (2019) Metal uptake by plants from soil contaminated by thin-film solar panel material. J. Environmental Protection. 10: 221-240
  • Lu, H. R., Su, L.C. and Ruan, H.D. (2016) Removal of Pb, Cd, and Cr in a water purification system using modified mineral waste materials and activated carbon derived from waste materials. Earth and Environmental Science 39 (2016) 012005
  • Ruan, H.D., Frost, R.L., Kloprogge, J.T. and Duong, L (2002) Infrared spectroscopy of goethite dehydroxylation: III. FT-IR microscopy of in situ study of the thermal transformation of goethite to hematite. Spect. Acta Part A. 58 (5), 967-981
  • Ruan, H.D., Frost, R.L. and Kloprogge, J.T. (2001) Comparison of Raman spectra in characterizing gibbsite, bayerite, diaspore and boehmite. J. Raman Spectr. 32 745-750
  • Ruan, H.D. and Gilkes, R.J. (2000) Accumulation of phosphorus in farm ponds and dams in South-Western Australia. J. Environ. Qual. 29, 1875-1881
  • Ruan, H.D. and Gilkes, R.J. (1995) Dehydroxylation of aluminous goethite: unit cell dimensions, crystal size and surface area. Clays Clay Minerals 43, 196-211
Grants and Projects

More than 40 grants and projects with more than 30 million RMB in total, including those from USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Macao and UIC internal and external grants. The grants and projects currently operated are listed below.

  • 2019-2025, Environmental research funds for Postdoctoral Research Fellows, external grant, RMB200,000
  • 2020-2023, Neurotoxic metals, brain activity, cognitive decline, and their interactions in the degenerative course of Alzheimer's disease. Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College grant, RMB200,000
  • 2017-2020, Study on formation and characterization of environmentally friendly cleaning agents produced from waste material and by-products of Camellia and of Sapindus mukorossi with herbs. Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College grant, RMB150,000
  • 2016-2020,Environmental research funds for study of soil and crop pollution, external grant, RMB135,000
Academic and Social Service
  • 2019-2024, Zhuhai City (China) Indoor Environment Purification Association Invited Specialist (珠海市室内环境净化行业协会特聘专家)

  • 2018-2023, China National Tour and Environmental Think Tang Specialist (全国游憩环境专家智库专家)

  • 2011-present, Invited Keynote Speaker and Organizing Committee Member in a variety of international conferences

  • 2005-2009, Vice Chairman, Environmental Subcommittee, Hong Kong Association for Testing, Inspection and Certification (HKTIC)

  • 1998-1999, Committee Member of Clean-up Canning River, Western Australia

  • Member of Editorial Board of international journals
    • 2020-present, Current Chinese Geosciences
    • 2019-present, Modern Concepts & Developments in Agronomy
    • 2012-2016, Earth Sciences
    • 2012-2016, International Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Analysis

  • Reviewer invited by international journals:

Waste Management
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
Journal of Environmental Science
Journal of Soils and Sediments
Environmental Modeling and Assessment
Journal of Geochemical Exploration
Clays and Clay Minerals
Colloids and Surface A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
Journal of Environmental Sciences-China
Journal of Solid State Chemistry
International Journal of Molecular Science
International Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Analysis
Earth Sciences

Awards and Honors
  • 2019-present, Guangdong High Intelligence Specialist
  • 2013-present, A number of times awarded the Best Poster Supervisor in Environmental Science from the Division of Science and Technology, UIC
  • 2011-present, Honorary Consultant, Hong Kong Institute of Environmentalist
  • 2009-present, Adjunct Professor, Griffith University, Australia
  • 2005-present, Visiting Professor, College of Natural and Environment, South China Agricultural University.
  • 2005-present, Visiting Professor, Research Institute of Ecology and Soil Science, Guangdong Academy of Science, P. R. China.
  • 1998-2007, a number of times elected as a Biographee of Distinctive Individual, U.S.A. and UK editions (e.g. Who’s Who in the World; 2000 Outstanding Intellectauls of the 20th Century, etc.)
  • 2000-01, Senior Visiting Fellowship, Ministry of Education, China
  • 1999-2002, Australian Research Council and Industrial Partnership Research Fellowship
  • 1998, The Staff Development Award, The University of Western Australia
Postgraduate Opportunities