dst 20191206 chlee

Dr. Donald Chiu Hong LEE
Associate Professor of Environmental Science
Division of Science and Technology
office: T8-608-R1

Curriculum Vitae


Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard University and Boston University, United States
Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Brigham Young University, United States
B.Sc. in Chemistry, Brigham Young University, United States

Research Interests

- Environmental Analysis and Monitoring: My interests focus on the analysis and monitoring of pollutants in the Pearl River Delta region and evaluating their impacts on the environment and human health.
- Environmental Technology: My interests focus on developing methods and technology to reduce the impacts of pollutants on the environment and human health.
- Environmental Biochemistry and Biophysics: My interests focus on understanding the impacts of DNA binding and linking agents including environmental carcinogens and heavy metal ions on the structure of DNA and the mechanism of lesion-bypass DNA polymerases for translesion synthesis of carcinogen-DNA adducts.

Current Teaching

Environmental Analysis and Monitoring
Principles of Biochemistry and Physiology
Environmental Study Laboratory
Final Year Projects

Selected Publications
  • Su, L., J. Chen, H.D. Ruan, D. Chen, X. Chen, and C. Lee (2019) Characterization of modified mineral waste material adsorbent as affected by thermal treatment for optimizing its adsorption performances. American Mineralogist (Accepted)
  • Su, L., J. Chen, H.D. Ruan, D.J. Ballantine, C. Lee (2019) Metal Uptake by Plants from Soil Contaminated by Thin-Film Solar Panel Material. Journal of Environmental Protection 10, 221-240
  • Su, L. C., H. D. Ruan, D. J. Ballantine, C. H. Lee, Z. W. Cai (2019) Release of metal pollutants from corroded and degraded thin-film solar panels extracted by acids and buried in soils. Applied Geochemistry 108, 104381
  • Jiang, S. Y. N., L. C. Su, H. D. Ruan, G. F. Zhang, S. Y. Lai, C. H. Lee, C. F. Yu, Z. Wu, X. Chen, S. He (2014) Adsorption of phosphorus by modified clay mineral waste material relating to removal of it from aquatic system. International Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Analysis 2, 36-44.
  • Jiang, Y.N., Ruan, H.D., Lai, S.Y., Lee, C.H., Yu, C.F., Wu, Z., Chen, X., He, S. (2013) Recycling of solid waste material in Hong Kong: I. Properties of modified clay mineral waste material and its application for removal of cadmium in water. Earth Sci. 2(2), 40-46.
  • Zhi Junning, Yu Chunfai, Wu Zhihui, Lee Chiuhong, Ruan Huada (2010) A Study of Using Indoor Potted Plants to Purify Formaldehyde Released from Newly Laid Wooden Floor, Chinese Agricultural Science Bulletin, 26(2), 196-198.
  • Danilowicz, C., Lee, C.H., Hatch, K., Coljee, V.W., Kleckner, N., Prentiss, M. (2009) Study Of Sequence Dependent Homolog Pairing With A Single Molecule Assay, Biophysical Journal, 96(3), Supplement 1, 345a-346a.
  • Danilowicz, C., Lee, C.H., Kim, K., Hatch, K., Coljee, V.W., Kleckner, N., Prentiss, M. (2009) Single molecule detection of direct, homologous, DNA/DNA pairing, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 106(47), 19824-9.
  • Seo, K.Y., Yin, J, Danthamsetti, P., Chandani, S., Lee, C.H., Loechler, E.L. (2009) Amino acid architecture that influences dNTP insertion efficiency in Y-family DNA polymerase V of E. coli. J Mol Biol. 392(2), 270-82.
  • Danilowicz, C., Lee, C. H., Coljee, V. W., Prentiss, M. (2007) Effects of temperature on the mechanical properties of single stranded DNA. Phys Rev E Stat Nonlin Soft Matter Phys. 75(3 Pt 1), 030902.
Grants and Projects

As Principle Investigator:

Project Name: Identification of the key microbes, precursor proteins and metabolites involved in tetrodotoxin biosynthesis by multi-omics. 2018-2020, UIC grant, RMB 50,000

As Co-investigator in the following grants:

Project Name: Investigation of microplastic fiber, an emerging environmental pollutant, and development of an analytical methodology for its characterization and a conceptual model for pollution control. 2018-2020, UIC grant, RMB 50,000

Project Name: Assessing the transport of contaminants, nutrients, and microplastics in sediments of the Qianshan River, Zhuhai, 2017-19, UIC grant, RMB 100,000

Project Name: Study on formation and characterization of environmental friendly cleaning agents produced from waste material and by-products of Camellia and of Sapindus mukorossi with herbs. 2017-2019, UIC grant, RMB 150,000

Project Name: The Study of Environmental Quality Monitoring, Assessment and Control relating to Pollution-free Agricultural Production. 2016-2018, Zhuhai Key Lab for Agricultural Product Quality and Food Security grant, RMB 150,000

Project Name: Study on the release of inorganic and organic toxins from disposed thin film solar panels and their transformation, toxicity and remediation, 2016-2018, UIC grant, RMB 120,000

Project Name: Investigation of indoor air quality (IAQ) relating to human health and removal of indoor air pollutants using modified clay mineral waste material. 2014-2016, UIC grant, RMB 50,000

Awards and Honors

Students under my supervision won the 2nd Prize in the Thesis Competition in the First Forum of College Students’ Marine Environmental Protection in Zhuhai held in December 9 of 2018