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Dr. Sunny Seon Phil JEONG
Associate Professor of Computer Science and Technology
Division of Science and Technology
office: T3-602-R6

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. in Management Information Systems, Chungbuk National University, Korea
M.A. in Management Information Systems, Chungbuk National University, Korea

Research Interests

MIS systems, E-Commerce Technology, ICT Culture & Policy, Recommend Systems,
System Analysis and Design, Business Intelligence, and Blockchain.

Current Teaching

COMP4073 Distributed Computing Systems
GDST1013 The Power of Science and Technology
GCIT1003 IT for Success in Everyday Life and Work

Selected Publications
  • Dingkun Li, Yaning Li, Zhou Ye, Musa Ibrahim, Keun Ho Ryu, Seon Phil Jeong, "An Effective Risk Factor Detection and Disease Prediction (RFD-DP) Model Applied to Hypertension" Journal of Universal Computer Science, vol. 24, no. 9, 2018.
  • Seong-Taek Park, Yeong-Real Kim, Seon Phil Jeong, Chang-Ick Hong, Tae-Gu Kang, “A Case Study on Effective Technique of Distributed Data Storage for Big Data Processing in the Wireless Internet Environment”, Wireless Personal Communications, Volume 86, Issue 1, pp 239-253, 2016. 
  • Moon Sun SHIN, Yong Wan JU, Hyun Kyu Kang, Seon Phil JEONG, "Applying RBAC Security Control Model to Manufacturing and Logistics Service Platform", Studies in Informatics and Control, Volume 24, Issue 3, 2015.
  • Moon Sun Shin, Heung Seok Jeon, Yong Wan Ju, Bum Ju Lee, Seon Phil Jeong,  "Constructing RBAC Based Security Model in u-Healthcare Service Platform.” The Scientific World Journal, Volume 2015,
  • Seon-phil Jeong, “Collaborating for Science and Technology Under One China  Two Systems,”  STI Policy Review Vol. 5,  No. 1 pp.98-111, 2014
Grants and Projects
  • Project title: “Science and Technology Cooperation Between Guangdong and Hong Kong Under the Policy of "One country, two systems”
    Period: Jan. 2014-Apr. 2014
    Source of funding: “Science and Technology Policy Institute (Korea)”
    Amount: USD3,000
    Role: PI
  • Project title “IT & Future Strategy 2014”
    Period: Nov. 2014-Dec. 2014
    Source of funding: “National Information Society Agency of Korea (NIA)”
    Amount: (Approx.) 10,800 RMB
    Role: Co-Researcher.
  • Project title: “Case Study on Cooperation Relationship for Industry Cluster between Hong Kong and Guangdong”
    Period: Mar. 2013-May. 2013
    Source of funding: “Chung-Nam Techno-Park.Korea”
    Amount: (Approx.) 11,000 RMB
    Role: PI
  • Project title “IT & Strategies Report2012”,
    Period: Oct. 20012-Nov. 20012
    Source of funding: “National Information Society Agency of Korea (NIA)”
    Amount: (Approx.) 7,000 RMB
    Role: Co-Researcher
  • Project title: “Strategies for Knowledge Based Service Industry for Korea”
    Period: Jan. 2009-Feb. 2009
    Source of funding: “Chung-Nam Techno-Park. Korea”
    Amount: (Approx.) 11,000 RMB
    Role: PI
  • Project title: “An Analysis on facilities’ substitute relations in Mobile Communication industry”
    Period: Jan. 2005 – Nov. 2005
    Source of funding: “ Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute(ETRI)”
    Amount: (Approx.)165,000 RMB
    Role: Co-Researcher
Academic and Social Service

Associate Editor (2018-Present), Journal of Information Technology Applications and Management, Korea Information and Technology Association (KITA).

Awards and Honors
  • 2003 Excellent Ph.D. Candidate Scholarship by Korea Sanhak Foundation
  • 2018 Guangdong High-Level Talent