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Dr. Ghee Wee HO
Associate Professor of Applied Psychology
Division of Science and Technology
office: T8-401-R4

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. in Psychology York University, Canada.
Specialization in Human Factors and Performance - Brain, Cognition and Behavior.

Research Interests

Management and I/O Psychology
Cognitive Development
Brain, Behavior & Cognitive Sciences
Experimental Psychology
Human Factors and Performance
Measurement and Assessment

Current Teaching

Introduction to Psychology
Research Methods in Psychology  
Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Consumer  Psychology
Human Factors and Ergonomics

Selected Publications
  • Ho, G., et. al. (2017) Emotional Intelligence Course Students Workbook. Whole Person Education, Emotional Intelligence Development Centre, UIC
  • Guo, H. and G. Ho, (2017) An Introduction to Whole Person Education and Emotional Intelligence, Foreign Language Book Publication. People of China University Press
  • Harris-Thompson, D., Sterling, L., Wiggins, Ho, G. (2007) Using cognitive task analysis to develop scenario-based training for house-clearing teams, Klein and Associates DRDC CR2007-118, DRDC Toronto.
  • Ho, G.; Frim, J. (2006) Use of the Dismounted Soldier Simulator to Corroborate NVG Studies in a Field Setting. In Virtual Media for Military Applications (pp. 24-1 – 24-8). RTO-MP-HFM-136, Paper 24. Neuilly-sur-Seine, France: RTO. Available from: [Link]
  • Ho, G. W., Tang, D. (2004) Human Factors Evaluation of Night Vision Goggles Design: An Exploration using the Repertory Grid. Defence R&D Canada Technical Report TR2004-215. December 2004.
Grants and Projects
  • Guangdong Education Bureau Special Project  广东省教育局立项目
    广东省高等教育教学研究和改革项目 --- 情绪智能教育
  • University Innovation and Enhancement Programme Funds
Awards and Honors
  • Long Service Award, UIC
  • Associate Fellow & Registered Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, Hong Kong Psychological Society