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Dr. Jude Shengxin ZHU
Associate Professor of Data Science
Division of Science and Technology
office: T6-302-R6

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Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. in Numerical Analysis, The University of Oxford
M.Sc. in Computational Mathematics, China Academy of Engineering Physics
B.Sc. in Informational and Computational Mathematics, Xiamen University

Research Interests

Approximation Theory and Numerical Algebra
Computational Statistics and Data Science
High performance computing

Current Teaching

MATH1003 Linear algebra

Selected Publications

 ① Z. Chen, S. Zhu, Q. Niu and T. Zuo, Knowledge discovery and recommendation with linear mixed models, IEEE ACESS, Vol .8 38304-38317, 2020

 ② X. Zu and S. Zhu, Symmetric sweeping algorithms for overlaps of quadrilateral meshes of the same connectivity, ICCS(3):61-75, 2018, Springer,Cham.

 ③ S. Zhu, T. Gu , X. Xu and Z. Mo, Information splitting for big data analytics, IEEE CyberC 2016, pp.294-302

 ④ A.J.Wathen and S. Zhu, On the spectral distribution of kernel matrices related to radial basis functions, Numerical Algorithms, 70:709-726, 2015

 ⑤ S. Zhu, T. Gu and X. Liu, Minimizing synchronization for sparse iterative methods on distributed supercomputers, Computers & mathematics With Applications, 67:199-209, 2014.

 ⑥ S. Zhu, T. Gu and X. Liu,  Solving inverse eigenvalue problem via Householder and rank-one matrices, Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 430(1):318-334, 2009

Grants and Projects
  • [on going]PI, startup research fund of UIC, Heterogeneous high throughput data association. 80K.
  • [on going]PI, Pre-research for Lab of Computational Physics , Iterative methods for radiative transfer equations, (6142A05180501), 250K.
  • Co-PI, National Science Foundation of China, General Program, Numerical homogenization for multiscale PDEs (NSFC11871339), 01/2019—12/2022
  • PI, Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, fast modeling and computing for heterogeneous incomplete data (BK20171237), 07/2017—06/2020, 100K.
  • PI, National Science Foundation of China, High performance preconditioning for multigrop radiation diffusion equations (NSFC11501044), 01/2016—12/2018. 530K.
Awards and Honors

Oxford Center for Applied and Collaborative Mathematics studentship for international students

Postgraduate Opportunities

I am currently looking for MPhil and Ph.D. students or visiting students for conducting research in following directions: approximation and learning theory, computational statistics and data science, numerical linear algebra, matrix theory and high performance computing.

Multiple opportunities are available both in research centers for mathematics at Beijing Normal University Zhuhai and DST at UIC.  Candidates can either choose the mathematics direction or the computer/data science direction based on their own background. Interested students are encouraged to contact me for more details.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.