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Dr. Timothy Jingjin WU
Assistant Professor of Statistics
Division of Science and Technology
office: T3-501-R6

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Curriculum Vitae


Ph. D. in Electronic Engineering, City University of Hong Kong
B. Eng. in Information Engineering (1st Class Honors), City University of Hong Kong

Research Interests

Telecommunication Networks
Performance Evaluation
Heuristic Algorithms
Resource Allocation and Optimization

Current Teaching

Time Series Analysis
Calculus I
Case Studies in Mathematical Modelling

Selected Publications
  • M. Dong, T. Kim, J. Wu and E. W. M. Wong, “Cost-Efficient Millimeter Wave Base Station Deployment in Manhattan-Type Geometry”, IEEE Access, Vol. 7, pp. 149959-149970, December 2019.
  • J. Wu, E. W. M. Wong, J. Guo and M. Zukerman, “Performance Analysis of Green Cellular Networks with Selective Base-Station Sleeping”, Performance Evaluation, Vol. 111, pp. 17-36, May 2017.
  • J. Wu, Y. Zhang, M. Zukerman and E. Yung, “Energy-Efficient Base-Stations Sleep-Mode Techniques in Green Cellular Networks, A Survey”, IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, Vol. 17, No. 2, pp. 803-826, Second Quarter 2015. (ESI Highly Cited Paper)
  • J. Wu, C. H. Foh, C. K. Siew and M. Zukerman, “Recurrent Leaky Bucket”, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, Vol. 20, No. 12, pp. 1244-1248, December 2013.
  • Q. Wang, J. Fu, J. Wu, B. Moran and M. Zukerman, “Energy-Efficient Priority-Based Scheduling for Wireless Network Slicing”, in Proc. IEEE GLOBECOM 2018, Abu Dhabi, UAE, December 2018.
  • J. Wu, E. W. M. Wong, Y. C. Chan and M. Zukerman, “Energy-Efficiency and QoS Tradeoff in Cellular Networks with Base-Station Sleeping”, in Proc. IEEE GLOBECOM 2017, Singapore, December 2017.
  • J. Wu, J. Guo, E. W. M. Wong and M. Zukerman, “Approximations of Blocking Probabilities in Cellular Mobile Networks with Channel Borrowing”, in Proc. IEEE 16th International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing (HPSR), Budapest, Hungary, July 2015.


  • Wing Ming Eric Wong, Jingjin Timothy Wu, Yin-Chi Chan and Moshe Zukerman, “A Method for Operating a Communication System and a Communication System”, filed with USPTO, 12 January 2018, Application No. 15,869,141.
  • Jingjin Timothy Wu, Wing Ming Eric Wong, Moshe Zukerman and Jun Guo, “A Communication System and a Method for Operating or Evaluating the same”, filed with USPTO, 11 January 2018, Application No. 15,867,961
Grants and Projects
  • Principal Investigator, UIC Research Grant, UIC, “Asymptotically Optimal Algorithm for Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in Network Slicing Based 5G Networks”, Jan 2019 – Dec 2021, CNY 130,000.
  • Co-Investigator, Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF), Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission, “Base Station Deployment and Dynamic User Association for 5G Millimeter Wave Cellular Networks”, Oct 2018 – Apr 2020, HKD 1,393,800.
  • Principal Investigator, Youth Innovation Project of Guangdong Province University Innovation and Enhancement Program, “Energy Conservation and Optimization of Wireless Networks in the Big-Data Era”, Jul 2018 – Jun 2020, CNY 50,000.
  • Principal Investigator, UIC Research Grant, UIC, “Dynamic User Association for Energy Efficiency and User Experience in Next-Generation Wireless Networks”, Mar 2018 – Feb 2020, CNY 45,000.
  • Co-Investigator, Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF), Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission, “Working Software Tools for Dynamic Base Station Sleeping for Green Cellular Networks”, Feb 2017 – Aug 2018, HKD 1,131,600.
  • Principal Investigator, UIC Research Grant, UIC, “Performance Analysis in Cellular Networks with Base-Station Sleeping: Tradeoff between Energy Efficiency and Quality of Service”, Jan 2017 – Dec 2017, CNY 15,000.
Academic and Social Service
  • TPC member, SIRS 2019, 18-21 December 2019, Trivandrum, India
  • TPC member, IEEE TENSYMP 2017, 14-16 July 2017, Cochin, India
  • Warden of Scientific Education Hall, UIC (September 2017- Now)
Postgraduate Opportunities

Looking for self-motivated MPhil students with strong quantitative and programming skills.