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Dr. Alisa Wenmeng HE
Assistant Professor of Food Science and Technology
Division of Science and Technology
office: T8-401-R6

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Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. in Food & Nutritional Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
M.S. in Food Science, Jiangnan University

Research Interests

Food Science, Food Processing, Sensory Evaluation, Food Product Development, Food Microbiology, Flavor Chemistry, Protein Modification

Current Teaching

FOOD3073 Food Science Laboratory
FOOD2003 Introduction to Food Science
FOOD4005 Final Year Project II (FOOD)

Selected Publications
  • Wenmeng He and Hau Yin Chung*. Exploring core functional microbiota related with flavor compounds involved in the fermentation of a natural fermented plain sufu (Chinese fermented soybean curd). Food Microbiology, 2020,90,103408. (IF:4.089)
  • Wenmeng He and Hau Yin Chung*. Multivariate relationships among sensory, physicochemical parameters, and targeted volatile compounds in commercial red sufus (Chinese fermented soybean curd): Comparison of QDA® and Flash Profile methods. Food Research International, 2019,125,108548. (IF:3.579)
  • Wenmeng He and Hau Yin Chung*. Comparison between Quantitative Descriptive Analysis and Flash Profile in Profiling the Sensory Properties of Commercial Red Sufu (Chinese fermented soybean curd). Journal of the Science of Food and Agricultural, 2019, 99(6) 3024-3033. (IF:2.422)
  • Wenmeng He, Yan Ping, Chen, Hau Yin, Chung*. Development of a lexicon for red sufu. Journal of Sensory Studies 2018, 33 (6), e12461. (IF:2.072)
  • Wenmeng He; Ruijin Yang, Wei Zhao*. Effect of acid deamidation-alcalase hydrolysis induced modification on functional and bitter-masking properties of wheat gluten hydrolysates. Food Chemistry 2019, 277(30), 655-663. (IF:5.399)
  • Wenmeng He, Wei Zhao*, Ruijin Yang. Effects of wheat gluten modified by deamidation-heating with three different acids on the microstructure of model oil-in-water emulsion and rheological–physical property of ice cream. Food Hydrocolloids 2019, 87, 679-690. (IF:5.839)
  • Wenmeng He, Gasmalla, Mohammed Abdalbasit A., Ruijin Yang, Wei Zhao*. The effect of acid‐deamidated wheat gluten on the sensory profile and consumer acceptance of ice cream. International Journal of Food Science & Technology 2019, 54 (1), 42-53. (IF:2.281)
  • Patent: Zhao, Wei, He, Wenmeng, Yang, Ruijin; A preparation method of ice cream with high expansion rate, good melt resistance, and uniform texture. ZL201410213115.9. 2016-08-24.
Grants and Projects

Participate in China's Natural Science Foundation Project “Unfolding, refolding and aggregation of protein molecules under high voltage pulsed electric field” (2012-2013).

Academic and Social Service

Journal Peer Reviewer of Journals
Food Chemistry
- Journal of Food Science
- A
merican Journal of Applied Chemistry