dst 20200331 Alex Goncharov

Dr. Oleksandr GONCHAROV
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
Division of Science and Technology
office: T8-401-R13

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Ph.D. in Hydrobiology, Institute of Biology of Southern Seas, Ukraine
M.Sc. in Biology, Odessa State University, Ukraine

Research Interests

Nutrients biogeochemistry in aquatic systems.
Primary production in aquatic systems.
Chlorophyll distribution in estuarine zones.

Current Teaching

ENV4043 Selected Topics in Environmental Science
GDST1003 The Science of Well Being
GDST1093 How to Build a Green City? Challenges and Solutions

Selected Publications
  • Snigirov, S., Kvach, Y., Goncharov, O., Sizo, R., & Sylantyev, S. (2019). Hydrology and parasites: What divides the fish community of the lower Dniester and Dniester estuary into three? Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 217, 120–131.
  • Goncharov, O. Y., Ukrainskiy, V. V, & Tityapkin, A. S. (2018). Influence of Dniester River runoff on dynamics of chlorophyll in the Dniester Estuary and adjacent sea area. In Biodiversity and Factors Influencing the Dniester River Basin Ecosystems: (pp. 57–61).
  • Al-Said, T., Naqvi, S. W. A., Al-Yamani, F., Goncharov, A., & Fernandes, L. (2018). High total organic carbon in surface waters of the northern Arabian Gulf: Implications for the oxygen minimum zone of the Arabian Sea. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 129(1), 35–42.
  • Snigirov, S., Goncharov, O., & Sylantyev, S. (2012). The fish community in Zmiinyi Island waters: Structure and determinants. Marine Biodiversity, 42(2), 225–239.
  • Garkavaya, G. P., Bogatova, Y. I., Berlinskii, N. A., Bol’shakov, V. N., & Goncharov, A. Y. (2008). Long-term variations in the biogenic matter runoff of the Dnestr River. Water Resources, 35(6), 708–715.
Grants and Projects
  • 2018-2020 Creating a system of innovative transboundary monitoring of the transformations of the Black Sea river ecosystems under the impact of hydropower development and climate change (Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020, project BSB165) – Principal Investigator
  • 2019 Creation of station network for monitoring observations of climatic changes in biological and hydrochemical parameters of marine ecosystem near the Vernadsky Antarctic station (State Targeted Scientific and Technical Research Program in Antarctica, decree No. 1002-2010-п) – Task Leader
  • 2014-2016 Quantitative survey of Sargassum macroalgae along Kuwait coastline: first step towards its bed restoration (Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, project code P214-42SL-04. – Task Member
  • 2014 Prediction of changing in ecological state of the hypersaline Kuyalnik Lake under it filling by seawater - Odessa Regional State Administration (Ukraine) – Principal Investigator
  • 2011-2012 Monitoring of water quality in the area of wastewater sewer of Odessa Port Plant Enterprise (contract of 28.01.2009 granted by Odessa Port Plant Enterprise) – Principal Investigator
  • 2011 An influence of climate changes (by rivers runoff) on hydrological and hydrochemical structure of the North-Western Black Sea waters - Odessa State Environmental University – Task Leader
  • 2008-2010 Saving Lower Dniester’s Aquatic Biodiversity, Grant of Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (Project of the German Marshall Fund # 101253 of 21.04.2008) – co-investigator, Project Leader
  • 2008-2009 Actualization of regional aspects in ecological education for sustainable development of the Odessa Region (MATRA KAP Programme of Kingdom of Netherland, contract of 14.08.2008) – Project Leader
  • 2009 Studying of ecological state of the Danube wetlands by biological indicators (decree of 17.11.2008 No. 319/2008-рп) – Project Leader
Awards and Honors
  • 2009 Scholarship of National Academy of Science of Ukraine for young scientists
  • 2008 Individual grant of President of Ukraine for gifted youth (decree of 04.12.2007 No. 285/2007-рп) for project: Estimation of CO2-fixation level by water bodies of the North-Western Black Sea Region
  • 2001 First Prize winner at Scientific-technical exhibition in Odessa Center of Scientific-Technical and Economical Information: “Young scientists - to the future of Ukraine”