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Dr. Bonny Bun Ho YUEN
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
Division of Science and Technology
office: T8-401-R9

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. in Ecotoxicology, City University of Hong Kong
B.Tech. in Biomedical Sciences, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Research Interests

- Investigate the combined effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals on the development and reproductive success of aquatic organisms using zebrafish and medaka as model organisms
- detect molecular, biochemical and histopathological alterations in living systems under exposure to chemical mixtures
- evaluate if current legislation is effective in protect sensitive species in the environment

Current Teaching

BIOL4013 Applied Environmental Biotechnology
BIOL2053 Principles of Microbiology
BIOL2043 Principles of Biology
ENV2003 Introduction to Environmental Science
GDST1093 How to build a green city? Challenges and solutions

Selected Publications
  • Yuen, B. B. H., Qiu, A. B., Chen, B. H. (2020). Transient exposure to environmentally realistic concentrations of di-(2-ethylhexyl)-phthalate during sensitive windows of development impaired larval survival and reproduction success in Japanese medaka Toxicology Reports 7: 200-208.
  • Tsim, S.T., Yue, S., Yuen, B.B.H., Xie, M.L. (2018). Comparison of Building Environment Assessment Systems across the Belt and Road Countries – How do green buildings contribute to achieving ecological civilization and Sustainable Development Goals? In N Islam (Ed), Silk Road to Belt Road – Reinventing the Past and Shaping the Future (pp 235-260). Singapore, Springer publication.
  • Lai, A., Yuen, B., Burchett, R. (2018). Human Mental Intentionality on the Aesthetics of Cooked Rice and Escherichia coli Growth. Journal of Scientific Exploration 32: 742-761.
  • Padilla, S., Cowden, J., Hinton, D.E., Yuen, B., Law, S., Kullman, S.W., Johnson, R., Hardman, R.C., Flynn, K., Au, D.W.T. (2009). Current Protocols of Toxicology 39: unit 10.
  • Kong, R.Y.C., Giesy, J.P., Wu, R.S.S., Chen, E.X.H., Chiang, M.W.L., Lim, P.L., Yuen, B.B.H., Yip, B.W.P., Mok, H.O.L., Au, D.W.T. (2008). Development of a marine fish model for studying in vivo molecular responses in ecotoxicology. Aquatic Toxicology 86: 131-141.
  • Carney, M.W., Erwin, K., Hardman, R., Yuen, B., Volz, D.C., Hinton, D., Kullman, S. (2008) Differential toxicity of naphthoic acid isomers in medaka (Oryzias latipes) embryos: a mechanistic study. Marine Pollution Bulletin 57: 255-266.
  • Hardman, R.C., Kullman, S.W., Yuen, B., Hinton, D.E. (2008). α-napthylisothiocyanate (ANIT) induced biliary toxicity in STII medaka: non invasive high resolution in vivo imaging. Aquatic Toxicology 86: 20-37.
  • Yuen, B.B.H., Wong, C.K.C., Woo, N.Y.S., Au, D.W.T. (2007). Induction and recovery of morphofunctional changes in the intestine of juvenile carnivorous fish (Epinephelus coioides) upon exposure to foodborne benzo[a]pyrene. Aquatic Toxicology 82: 181-194.
  • Yuen, B.B.H., Au, D.W.T. (2006). Temporal changes of ethoxyresorufin-O-deethylase (EROD) activities and lysosome accumulation in intestine of fish on chronic exposure to dietary benzo[a]pyrene: Linking EROD induction to cytological effects. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 25: 2593-2600.
  • Wu, R.S.S., Pollino, C.A., Au, D.W.T., Zheng, G.J., Yuen, B.B.H., Lam P.K.S. (2003). Evaluation of biomarkers of exposure and effect in juvenile areolated grouper, (Epinephelus areolatus) upon foodborne exposure to benzo[a]pyrene.  Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 22: 1568-1573.
Grants and Projects
  • College Research Grant (R201906)
    Comparison of Embryonic Toxicity of Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) in TWO Small Fish Models: Japanese Medaka (Oryzias latipes) vs. Zebrafish (Danio rerio)
  • College Research Grant (R201806)
    Exploring Interrelationships between Human Intention and Microbial Environment
  • College Research Grant (R201110)
    Induction patterns of biochemical responses in teleost fish upon exposure to environmentally realistic concentrations of xenobiotics detected along the Pearl River Delta, South China.
  • College Research Grant (R201308)
    Sexual maturation and reproductive success of Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes) after short-term exposure to copper, cadmium and DEHP at early
Awards and Honors

RJR-Leon Golberg Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowship in Toxicology, Duke University, USA

Postgraduate Opportunities

My current research interests focus mainly on the effects of mixture of pollutants, particularly endocrine disruptors, on the development and reproductive success of aquatic organisms. Molecular, biochemical and histopathological approaches are employed to better our understanding on the underlying mechanisms of combined toxicity of chemical mixtures using zebrafish and medaka as model organisms.