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Ms. Xiebing SONG
Lecturer of Statistics
Division of Science and Technology
office: T3-602-R20

M.Sc. in Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Sichuan University
B.Sc. in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Mining and Technology

Research Interests

Experimental Design, Data Mining, Variable Selection

Current Teaching

GCNU1003 Speaking of Statistics
GCNU1033 Statistics: The Art of Data
MATH1073 Calculus I (FE)
MATH4033 Computational Finance

Selected Publications
  • 宋谢冰,朱允民. “随机隶属函数的某些优化准则及基于随机集的组合律” 四川大学学报(自然科学版) (2009), 46(2): 265-270
  • Zhou Y.D., Ning J.H, Song X.B.  “Lee Discrepancy and Its Application in Experimental Designs” Statistic and Probability Letters (2008), 78: 1933-1942
  • 周永道,宁建辉, 宋谢冰. “Lee偏差及其在试验设计中的应用 ” 2007年全国均匀试验设计学术交流会