dst 20191210 tiantang

Mr. Tian TANG
Lecturer of Data Science
Division of Science and Technology
office: T3-602-R21



Start from 10/2012. Doctorate Candidate of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering in Loughborough University, UK.
09/2010 – 09/2012. Master of Mathematics in Loughborough University, UK.
09/2007 – 07/2011. Bachelor of Mathematics in Shandong University, Jinan, China.

Research Interests

Digital Holography
Cavitation and Fluid Dynamics
Mathematics Modeling
Sport Science and Data Analysis

Current Teaching

Fundamentals of Database Systems
Optimisation Methods
Regression Analysis

Selected Publications
  • Tian Tang, Nick Morris, Jeremy Coupland, Cavitation Bubble Measurement in Tribological Contacts Using Digital Holographic Microscopy. Tribology Letters, 2015, Volume 58, Number 1, Page 1.
  • Tian Tang, Nick Morris and Jeremy Coupland, Optical Measurements of Cavitation in Tribological Contacts. Journal: Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2015, Volume 656, Page 012119.
  • Tian Tang, Jeremy Coupland, Laura Arevalo, Measurement of cavitation in a sliding bearing using digital holography. Brunel University London, 2014.