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Ms. Youmei LIU
Instructor I of Statistics
Division of Science and Technology
office: T3-602-R17-H2

M.Sc. in Statistics, Nankai University
B.Sc. in Statistics, Nankai University

Research Interests

Experimental Design
Data Mining

Current Teaching

GCNU1003 Speaking of Statistics
STAT3053 Computer-Aided Data Analysis (for Non-STAT students)

Selected Publications
  • He B.H, Liu Y.M. (2011) Nonparametric regression using generalized Hille’s Lemma and perturbation.  Applied Mathematics a Journal of Chinese universities, 26(3) 253-264.
  • Zhou Y.D., Liu Y.M. (2009) Minimum Moment Aberration Majorization in Non-isomorphic Asymmetrical Saturated  Designs.  Acta Mathematica Sciencia, 29(5) 1145-1152.