dst 20191212 sunshinechen

Ms. Sunshine Xi CHEN
Instructor I of Environmental Science
Division of Science and Technology
office: T8-608-R3

M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, Northeast Forestry University, China

Research Interests

Nano-size photocatalyst
Activated carbon

Professional Skills

Skilled in the use of GC-MS, HPLC, ICP-OES, IC, UV-Vis and other common apparatus in laboratory

Current Teaching

Biology and Chemistry Laboratory

Selected Publications
  • 溶胶-凝胶制备工艺对纳米TiO2光催化活性的影响. 科学技术与工程. 陈曦. 陈孝云. 刘守新等. 2006, 6(18): 2813-2816.
  • 活性炭/TiO2的协同作用机制. 化学通报. 刘守新. 陈曦. 陈孝云. 孙承林. 2006. 69(2)
  • Activated carbon with excellent chromium(VI) adsorption performance prepared by acid–base surface modification. Journal of Hazard Materials. Liu, S. X.; Chen, X.; Chen, X. Y. 2006. HAZMAT-5857; No.of Pages5. (SCI 收录)
  • 活性炭孔结构和表面化学性质对吸附硝基苯的影响.环境科学. 刘守新,陈曦,张显权. 2008,29(5):1192-1196. (EI 收录)
  • TiO2/活性炭负载光催化剂的溶胶-凝胶合成及表征. 催化学报. 刘守新,陈曦.  2008, 29(1):19-24(SCI 收录)