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Ms. Jenny Zhenzhi YANG
Instructor I of Applied Psychology
Division of Science and Technology
office: T8-401-R15-H2

Master of Applied Psychology, Southern Medical University
Bachelor of Informational Management and Information System, Hunan University of Technology and Business

Research Interests

Ethics in Psychotherapy & Counseling
Impulsiveness & Mindfulness

Current Teaching

Experimental Psychology

Selected Publications

Journal Publication

  • Shi, W., Ma, J., Wang, W., & Yang, Z.Z. (2019). Tasks completeness and task difficulty affect undergraduates’ task recall. International Journal of Intelligent Technologies and Applied Statistics, 12(3), 333-344.
  • Yang, Z. Z., Zhao, J. B. (2013) Effects of counseling ethics on ethical awareness among medical undergraduates. Chinese Mental Health Journal. 27(1), 11-17
  • Zhao, J. B., Ji, J. L., Tang, F., Du, Q. Y., Yang, X. L., & Yang, Z. Z., et al. (2012). National survey of client's perceptions of Chinese psychotherapist practices. Ethics & Behavior, 22(5), 362-377.             
  • Zhao, J. B., Ji, J. L., Yang, X. L., & Yang, Z. Z., Hou, Y. F., Zhang, X. Y. (2011). National survey of ethical practice among Chinese psychotherapy. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 42(5), 375-381                              

Book Translation: Anxiety 101. People Health Publication. Beijing (Chapter 3)  2012

Awards and Honors
  • Best Presentation Award of UIC IT& eLearning exhibition, 2018
  • Best Presentation Award of UIC showcase day, 2016