dst 20191212 yuriyu

Ms. Yuri Xiaoming YU
Instructor II of Food Science and Technology
Division of Science and Technology
office: T8-512-H9

2012/09-2015/06: Master of Food Sciences, Jilin Agricultural University
2007/09-2011/06: Bachelor of Food Sciences and Technology, Jilin Agricultural University

Research Interests

Food Sciences
Analytical Chemistry

Selected Publications

Research papers:

  • Tahidul Islam, Xiaoming Yu,  Baojun Xu *. Phenolic profiles, antioxidant capacities and metal chelating ability of edible mushroom commonly consumed in China. LWT-Food Science and Technology. 2016, 72, 423-431.
  • Tahidul Islam, XiaomingYu, Tanvir Singh Badwal, Baojun Xu*. A comparative study on profiles of phenolics, carotenoids, antioxidant capacities and metal chelating ability of black and red goji berry. Chemistry Central Journal. 2017, 11, 59.
  • Peilong Li, Xiaoming Yu, Baojun Xu *. Effects of UV-C light exposure and refrigeration on phenolic and antioxidant profiles of subtropical fruits (litchi, longan, rambutan) in different fruit forms. Journal of Food Quality.2017, 2017, 8785121.
  • Jingyun Zheng, Xiaoming Yu, Maninder Meenu, BaojunXu * Total phenolics and antioxidants profiles of commonly consumed edible flowers in China. International Journal of Food Properties. 2018, 21(1), 1524-1540.
  • Yuchung Cheung, Maninder Meenu, Xiaoming Yu, Baojun Xu *. Phenolic acids and flavonoids profiles of commercial honey from different floral sources and geographic sources. International Journal of Food Properties, 2019, 22(1), 290-308. (IF: 1.845)

Book chapter:

  • Xiaoming Yu, Baojun Xu*. Book Chapter 6-Quantification and characterization of phenolic acids in foods. In Book: Phenolic Acids: Properties, Food Sources and Health Effects, edited by Alexandra Flores, Novapublishers, 2016, page 105-128.


  • "A kind method of pectinase enzyme hydrolysis of ginseng slurry and ginseng slurry" Patent number: CN201310355952.0
  • "The preparation of ginseng pulp based on appha amylase" Patent number: CN201310355914.5