To improve teachers' and students' understanding toward Food Science and Technology (FST) Programme, as well as food safety and health, the FST from the Division of Science and Technology (DST) of UIC held a series of activities. The activities ran from 23 to 27 November, and they brought attention to food safety, nutrition, food saving, and health. Also, food science laboratories and food science and technology courses were open to all during the week.


On the knowledge popularization day, students from FST displayed and explained basic knowledge about Genetically Modified Food (GMF), food additives and some common sense of food poisoning, and also ended some rumours and misunderstandings toward certain foods through posters. Some food safety supervisors were also recruited to monitor the sanitization and food safety on the campus.


First-year student Zhang Xuanyi from FST is explaining knowledge about food poisoning

FST also invited Feng Jiawang, a member of Gongbei Customs Technical Centre to give a lecture on 'Stories about Food Safety in Daily Life', in which he clearly explained the development of people's concepts toward food safety and related problems.


Feng Jiawang giving A lecture

On the knowledge popularization day of nutrition, various fun activities involving knowledge Q & A, video sharing and so on were held to help teacher and students know more about food and gradually cultivate a healthy lifestyle.


Students participating in one of the activities

FST and the Party Committee Office jointly held the food saving day. Student volunteers and teachers gathered in canteens to promote food saving concepts through their actions in 'Clean Your Plate and Make No Waste' to encourage students to do the same.


During the activities of food and health knowledge popularization, teachers, and students from DST introduced related knowledge to the participants through posters, games and food tasting activity.


Dr Anfernee Tse is introducing anti-anxiety food to the students

FST also provided food testing service and open class on 'Bakery Products Appreciation' to help teachers and students understand some basic knowledge about sensory evaluation, consumers' data collection and product upgrade in the food industry.


Staff is on sample testing


A participant is taking a sensory evaluation test for bakery products

All of these activities not only deepened students' understanding toward FST but also helped them gain practical knowledge in life.

From FST and MPRO
Photography: FST
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Zhang Fan, Ma Yiran