The Ninth Science & Technology Poster Presentation 
(BNU-HKBU United International College, 2021)

 21st April, 2021 Wednesday

1. Aims and Scope:

The main aim of the Ninth Science & Technology Poster Presentation (BNU-HKBU United International College, 2021) is to enrich students’ learning experience, promote active engagement, and to relate academic knowledge to research traditions. On a secondary level, it should provide students with opportunities to interact with professionals from academia and industry.

2. Organizing Working Group (in alphabetical order of programme name/unit):

  • Dr. Solna Xing (Applied Psychology Programme)

  • Dr. Jefferson Fong (Computer Science and Technology Programme)

  • Dr. Rui Meng (Data Science)

  • Prof. Daniel Ruan (Environmental Science Programme)

  • Dr. Tianhao Zhi (Financial Mathematics Programme)

  • Dr. Ya Wang (Food Science and Technology Programme)

  • Dr. A.M. Elsawah (Statistics Programme)

  • Ms. Sherry Mo (DST Office)

3. Date/Time and Venues:

The Ninth Science & Technology Poster Presentation will be held at 1:00–5:00 p.m. on 21st April 2021 (Wednesday). 

4. Student Participation:

Student poster presenters will gain experience of:

  • Writing an academic abstract

  • Designing a poster

  • Presenting a poster

  • Interacting with industry and academic professionals

  • Organizing the event (optional)

5. Award & Certificates:

As in previous years, outstanding undergraduate presenters will compete for various awards and certificates in the Ninth Science & Technology Poster Presentation (2021), as follows:

(1) The Certificate of Outstanding Performance: this certificate will be issued to all undergraduate poster presenters, recognizing their performance in research and project activities, and their contribution to this event.

(2) The Best Poster Award by Programme: this award will go to the best poster from each programme in DST. Currently, there are seven of programs in DST including Applied Psychology, Computer Science and Technology, Data Science, Environmental Science, Financial Mathematics, Food Science and Technology, and Statistics. Furthermore, The Best Supervisor Award by Programme will go to the supervisor whose student(s) win(s) the Best Poster Award by Programme. To this end, seven posters and the corresponding supervisors will receive these programme-based awards.

(3) The Best Poster Award by Division: all the posters from the seven programmes are considered for this award at the division level. This award is competitive, and only one poster is selected. The Best Supervisor Award by Division will go to the corresponding supervisor.

(4) The Student Choice Award: this award will go to the poster which earns the highest number of audience participants’ votes.

Moreover, The Certificate of Attendance will be issued to all postgraduate poster presenters, appreciating their performance in research and their contribution to this event.

Faculty members, not necessarily from DST, and the invited academic and industry professionals will form the Judging Panel that will select the winners of awards (2) and (3).

6. Poster Selection:

The number of poster entries is limited because of time and space availability; thus the number of undergraduate entries from each DST programme is 12 at maximum. Different programmes may use different criteria to select their entries.  

7. Audience Participants:

All UIC students and faculty members are welcome to attend this poster presentation. We may also extend the invitation to relevant industries, institutions, and official agencies.

8. Production of abstract book:

As a lasting memory of this event, an abstract book that contains all the poster abstracts will be produced.