The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Programme at UIC is committed to provide students with an education that prepares them for AI-related careers in various industries. It will offer a broad training in core computer and intelligence technology and provide students with a good foundation for career development.

The Programme also aims at offering opportunities to students who wish to pursue a postgraduate education or to develop their technology skills in AI in the modern industrial context. Specifically, the Programme is designed to

  • Give students a solid foundation in computer science and AI upon which to build their understanding of AI applications;

  • Provide a broad-based and yet deep education in AI technology, so as to enable them to apply their knowledge and skills in various related professions;

  • Well train students in AI-related mathematical thinking and the use of various AI-related mathematical tools because mathematics are indispensable tools for solving AI problems; and

  • Teach students how to formulate appropriate AI models for solving real-life problems.

In order to emphasize the various domains of AI technology, twoconcentrations of AI technologies and their applications will be provided for students to choose from. The two concentrations are AI in Business and Finance Concentration, AI in Multimedia Concentration.

AI in Business and Finance Concentration covers artificial intelligence courses on solving business and financial problems. For many years, financial technology has been one of the most exciting topics inacademia and finance. This isso not only because the subject is extremely important in terms of financial and commercial value, but also because of its highly unpredictable nature, it poses a real challenge to researchers all over the world. With this concentration, students will learn how to apply various AI technologies (such as machine learning, data mining, deep network, financial technology and Quantum Finance technology) related to smart finance learned in the programme to AI-based finance Engineering issues, such as data mining. Financial market, financial pattern recognition, quantum financial forecasting and multi-agent based trading system.AI in Multimedia Concentration covers artificial intelligence courses on solving multimedia problems, such as speech, image recognition, and multimedia mining.

AI in Multimedia is an interdisciplinary concentration that teaches students to make computers to understand images, graphs, charts, and videos, and to read complex documents. Other tasks include augmented reality to guide field technicians when operations are complex; helping computers speak and dialogue with emotions and expressions; and enriching videos with metadata. The courses include Speech Processing and Recognition, Digital Image Processing, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Multimedia Mining and Analytics, Design and Implementation of Intelligent Vision System, etc.