The UIC Applied Psychology Programme (APSY) provides a rigorous education based on a wide range of application- and research-oriented courses. Students who successfully complete our 4-year curriculum are awarded a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Applied Psychology. We also provide access to national and international training practicums and internships, and encourage students to participate in ongoing faculty research. This provides students with the research knowledge and experience required for successful placement and subsequent performance in international master- and doctoral-level psychology programs.

APSY is specifically designed to provide students with basic knowledge of psychological science, which can be used to develop their respective cultures and to enhance their personal life situations. In addition, our programme provides graduates with the basic skills, motivation, and knowledge required to function effectively in post-graduate programs. While a bachelor-level psychology degree is of considerable practical value, and such graduates are eagerly pursued by employers in a wide range of allied disciplines, those individuals seeking to pursue a career in psychological science typically continue with their education beyond the bachelor-level degree. Placement of our Bachelor of Science (Honours) psychology professionals in high quality post-graduate programs is accordingly a critical component of our program. Our students are the future of psychological science, and the quality of their education and level of motivation is the primary determinate of the future development of the field.

Beyond our primary focus on general education, and student personal/professional development, APSY is also dedicated to the scientific study of mind and behavior. We stress a multidisciplinary approach in our furtherance of psychological science, as exemplified by the wide range of professional interests and nationalities represented by our faculty. Our goals include the establishment of an extensive international network of communication with other psychology programs throughout the world, with UIC APSY serving as the central hub. Beyond our desire to learn and share psychology-related information with other professionals throughout the world, this communication network will support our efforts to secure placement of our graduates into high quality masters- and doctoral-level programs throughout the world.

Programme Director: Dr. Alan Wai-Lun LAI

Office: T8-401-R21
Telephone: (86-756) 3620643