APSY possesses seven research labs dedicated to educational and research purposes. These facilities and equipment provide faculty members and students with the opportunity to gain experience with modern research tools available, enrich students' training and education of our students, and further the development of psychological science.

402 - Psychological Assessments and Resources Laboratory

This lab is equipped with various psychological tests including Wechsler Intelligence Scale, 16PF and Big Five Personality Test, and computers with access to the scales. These assessment tools are indispensable to our teaching staff and students for conducting research projects. This lab also includes more than 200 multimedia resources for teaching and learning in psychology.

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Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – Fourth Edition (WISC-IV) Toolbox

403 - Expressive Therapies Laboratory

This lab provides a warm and open environment for teachers and students to express themselves in various modalities to teach and counsel. Promoting openness while protecting privacy, it is an excellent place to conduct group counselling, game therapy, and expressive art therapy.

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Sand Tray and Toys

404 - Sensation and Perception Laboratory

This lab possesses modern equipment used in the study of psychophysics, covering research areas like relative sensitivity thresholds, sensory receptor density mapping, signal detection theory, and multicolor preference and shape constancy testing.

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405 - Psychology Computing Laboratory

This lab contains modern computers dedicated to experiment programming and the collection and presentation of behavioral data. It also possesses a wide range of up-to-date experiment design and data collection & analysis software, including E-Prime, JMP, MATLAB and other similar programs.

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406 - Integrated Experiments Laboratory

This lab possesses six JGW-B2 Integrated Experimental Desks, with units of tachistoscope, memory, timer, counter, reaction time, auditory & photic stimulation system, et cetera. They can be used to measure reaction time, visual threshold, mirror drawing, hand steadiness, and cancellation tasks. These interesting experiments are very popular among students of the Experimental Psychology course.

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407 - Behavioral Analysis & Counseling Training Laboratory

This lab is dedicated to the training of future counseling and clinical psychologists. Closed circuit recording cameras permit audiovisual recording and review of training and counseling.

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408 - Psychophysiology & Synthetic Environments Laboratory

This lab possesses a range of equipment used to measure brain activity, including state-of-the-art electroencephalography (EEG) device, eye-tracker, and polygraph. It is also equipped with several head-mount displays for psychological experiments in synthetic environments.

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Electroencephalography (EEG) Device                           Fixed Eye-tracker System

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Mobile Eye-tracker System                                              Polygraph