Guitar Robot Project

This project aims to develop a programmable instrument which works like an acoustic guitar. It is a combination work of mechanical design, software development and hardware integration. In this work, we built all the hardware of this instrument by ourselves. In order to get a better design, we reviewed some existed work first. And then we designed the 3D model of the instrument by using AutoCAD. The implementation work is based on Intel@ Atom CPU platform. We use pneumatic system to play the guitar, use PLC and demo board work as the control module, and use the COM serial port as the communication interface. MIDI file is used as the music source. It has been decoded to generate the control signal and passed to the control module. Meanwhile, 3D graphic has been generated according to notes that decoded from the MIDI file for visualization effect of the music. This system is suitable to be placed at airport, restaurant and indoor place etc. And it can replace human to conduct music performance. Website:

Chinese Shadow Puppetry with an Interactive Interface Using the Kinect Sensor

This project addresses the problem of using body gestures to control the Chinese shadow puppets with the Microsoft Kinect sensor. By analyzing the motion of the actors in the Chinese famous drama, Wu-song Fights the Tiger, we propose a general framework for controlling two shadow puppets, a human model and an animal model. A performer can conduct simple actions such as turning the head, stretching the arms or kicking the legs. However, it is more difficult for a normal performer to simulate more complicated movements, for example, back flips and splits. Therefore we define some special postures to represent these difficult movements. Besides, in order to be compatible with the Chinese drama style, we use water color to paint the background scenery and the foreground characters. We show some preliminary results which demonstrate the effectiveness of this work.

cst_pro_001.png  cst_pro_002.png