The aim of this programme is to prepare students for a career in Statistics related areas. Students will be equipped to work in industry and business etc. or to pursue postgraduate study in China or abroad. Graduates will have developed learning skills and have the confidence to meet the challenges in the rapidly changing world of Statistics. After the completion of this programme, students should have a solid and broad foundation in Statistics and the ability to tackle and solve problems related to Statistics.

The use of Statistics has played an increasingly important role in economic and industrial development, agricultural production, quality control and technology advancement. Students with a degree in Statistics will thus easily find positions in any of the above areas. Furthermore, in China there is still a lack of professionals in the field of Statistics, especially in Operations Research, Demography, Insurance, Business Finance, Logistics and Actuarial Science etc. Graduates in Statistics will find ample opportunities in finding a job/position in all those specialized areas as a professional statistician or researcher. Students after graduation can, of course, opt to continue to do advanced studies for Master and Ph.D. degrees.

Programme Director: Dr. Terry Huajun YE
Office: T3-602-R18
Telephone: 3620748